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  • High Performance CO2 Scrubber & Heater

  • HLB Catalyst Scrubber

  • Hyperbaric Systems

  • Diving Equipment

MDE HP Air Filter

  • High Pressure Breathing Air Filters

  • Pressure Rating up to 414 Bar

  • Flows up to 50 cfm

  • Suitable for High & Low Pressure Compressors

  • The Latest Development in Breathing Air-Compressor Lubrication

Chemiquip Pressure Limiting Valve & Snubber

  • Fit your 3D Instruments Gauge with Chemiquip Auto Resetting Gauge Protector

Green River

A Cut Above the Rest

  • Poseidon 300 Bar Cyklon 7 Jetstream Regulators

  • 300 Bar Steel Cylinders, 7ltrs, 10ltrs, 12ltrs, Single / Twin

  • High Pressure Flowmeter for SAT Systems

  • Calibrated for Oxygen & Helium

  • High Powered Strobe Lights

  • ROV’s, Diving Bells, HRC’s, Lifeboats & Life Vests

  • Surface & Subsea Markers to 500m

  • Underwater Connectors & Penetrators Including New Hybrid FO & Power Connectors

  • Custom Cables & Umbilicals

  • Cable Moulding & Termination


SPX Flow Hankison Energy Saving Compressed Air Filters

  • Dependable Underwater Connectors

  • Large Inventory in stock

  • Underwater Magnetic Particle Inspection System

  • 12V Portable System

  • Custom Build Package for Gas & Liquid Applications

  • Full Range of Diving Logbooks in Stock

Pressure Controls, Regulators

  • Standard and custom pressure regulators for high performance diving applications

  • Circle Seal Check Valves

  • The Industry Standard

SILEC Sound Powered Handsets

Full Range of ASME Stamped Brass Relief Valve

The Diving Industry Valve of Choice

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