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LinkQuest Inc

High Speed Underwater Acoustic Modems

  • The best selling Acoustic Modems in the World

  • Data Rate up to 38,400 baud, Bit Error < 10-9

  • Range up to 10,000m, Depth up to 7,000m


Pinpoint LBL Acoustic Positioning Systems

  • Integrated High Speed Acoustic Modem Functions

  • Accuracy up to 0.05m, Range up to 10,000m

  • FlowQuest Acoustic Current Profilers

  • Highly Robust & Accurate Acoustic Doppler Technology

  • Range up to 900m, Depth up to 6,000m

  • Accuracy up to 0.25% ± 2.5mm/s

  • Data Fusion & Acoustic Modem Options


NavQuest Doppler Velocity Logs (DVL)

  • World's Smallest DVL

  • Range up to 300m, minimum altitude 0.3m, Depth 6,000m

  • Accuracy up to 0.2% ± 1 mm/s


TrackLink USBL Tracking Systems

  • The Best Selling USBL Systems in the World

  • Range up to 11,000m, Depth up to 7,000m

  • Targets up to 16, Accuracy up to 0.25 degree


  • Rugged Cameras, Lighting & Batteries down to 6000m Water Depth

  • Cameras Colour, Black & White, Low Light, SuperWide-i-SeaCam, Nano & High Definition

  • Halogen, LED & other Lighting

  • Visible, IR & UV Wavelengths 

  • Scaling Lasers for Inspection

  • Seabatteries & Pressure Relief Valves

Slip Rings

  • Electrical

  • Fibre Optic

  • Fluid Union

  • Multi Way for Winches

  • Mooring Turrets

Rotating Equipment

  • Fibre Optic Modems

  • For ROV & Subsea Applications

Innovative Products & Solutions for use underwater

  • FOG Gyro Compass

  • HD/SD Multi Channel Video Overlays

  • Video Loggers

  • Subsea Displays

  • Subsea Pan & Tilt Units

Cygnus Dive Multiple Echo Ultrasonic Difital Thickness Gauge measures metal thickness to determine wastage or corrosion accurately, quickly & without removing protective coatings.

  • High Resolution Side Scan Systems

  • Towed fish, vessel and AUV mounted solutions for a variety of search requirements

  • Single frequency and dual frequency units, 300 to 1800kHz

  • Computer based system with FOC software

Buckley's Bathycorrometer is a consistent way of determining the corrosion of subsea structures

LYYN Technology enhances Subsea Video in real-time

  • Also suitable for fog, lowlight, snow, smoke, etc.

  • The simple inline unit also enhances existing video record

  • Affordable 1,000ft rated ROV

  • Video Overlays

  • U/W Cameras & Lights

  • Portable C.C.T.V. Control Systems

  • Sector Scan Sonars, Altimeters

Subcom 2000

  • Bell & Submersible Throughwater Comms System


  • Seabed Classification System

  • Hand-Held and Boat Towed Metal Detectors

  • Proton Marine Magnetometer

  • Underwater Altimeter

  • Side Scan Sonar

  • Cable Tracker & Pipe Tracker

  • Pingers & Pinger Receiver

Fiber Optic Testing Equipment for SM & MM Fiber Paths

  • Individual Items or Comprehensive F.O. Test Set

  • Fiber Checker: Produces visible light for testing Fiber System continuity

  • Light Source: with plug-in modules for SM & MM wavelengths

  • Light Meter: measures light transmission levels

Electric Observation Class ROV systems for various types of operations

  • Hardwired systems for shallow water

  • Multiplexed systems for deeper water

Over 500 systems built, most still in operation

  • Special nuclear inspection systems

  • Customized solutions are available

Digital Video Recorders, Video Overlays & Integrated Diver Video Systems

  • Multichannel or Single Channel

  • High & Standard definition models

  • Rack Mounted & Portable Systems

  • Full Support for Software Integration

  • Integrated Eventing Software

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