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Diving Bell Refurbishment

Job 531 Year 1999 Diving Bell Refurbishment

J1285 Hydraulic Power Sheave 2

Job 1285 Year 2011 Hydraulic Power Sheave

J1260 HYP-15E

Job 1260 Year 2011 Model HYP-15E Hydraulic Power Pack

AM J585 Compair Compressor

Job 1110 Year 2008 CompAir HP Compressor

J522 Hyperbaric Treatment Chamber

Job 473 Year 1997 Panel Hyperbaric Treatment Chamber - Taiwan Hospital

Chemical Flushing Unit

Job 1340 Year 2012 Chemical Flushing Unit

J1371 DNV Offshore Container-1

Job 1371 Year 2013 DNV Offshore Lifting DDC / Dive Control Container

J905 Diver Gas Panel

Job 419 Year 1996 3 Diver Gas Panel for Taiwan Navy

J522 Hyperbaric Treatment Chamber

Job 522 Year 1999 Hyperbaric Treatment Chamber – Advanced Marine Owned

J565 SAT System Control Panel

Job 700 Year 2004 Sat System Control Panels, Electrical Panels & Container

Transportable Chamber PT DSJ

Job 1275 Year 2011 Aluminium Transportable Chamber for Korean Navy

J565 Main Chamber Control Panel

Job 565 Year 2000 Main Control Panel Sat Simulator for Korean Navy

J1066 Diver Deployment System

Job 1066 Year 2008 Diver Deployment System

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