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Since 1986, Advanced Marine is proud to be the Distributor for the world renowned Helmets & Masks Approved Training Centre for Technician/Operator/User Courses Approved Service Center.

  •  Diving Industry Standard Analysers for - O2, CO and CO²

  • Monitors for Depth, Temperature & Humidity

  • Hypergas Bell Hydrocarbon Analyser

  • ACG Breathing Air Monitoring System

  • On line multi sensor

  • Through Water & Hardwire Communications & Diver Recall System for Sport, Commercial & Military

  • Diving Bell & Submersible Communications


Complete Range of Divers Apparel for Sport, Commercial & Military
•    Masks, Fins, Knives, Gloves, Booties, Gear Bag
•    Buoyancy Compensators, Wetsuits & Drysuits
•    Waist & Jacket Harnesses, LED Torch & Accessories for Sport, Commercial & Military Diving

  • World Leader in Inflatable Lifting Bags, from 100kg to 50,000kg Capacity.

  • Large inventory of Totally Enclosed Buoyancy Bags for Pipeline Bottom Tows & Float-Outs

  • Military Mine Lifting Bags, Controlled Buoyancy System, Marker Buoys, Lifting Slings & other Custom Products

  • Flexible Liquid Transport and Storagefor Water & other Fluids. Popular with Military, Fire Brigades, Foresters, Farmers & Relief Agencies.

  • Repairs, Inspection & Testing Services


  • The Ultimate U/W Cutting Tool for all metals.

  • SOFT & EASY Touch U/W Welding Rods

  • RAPIDFIRE Chemical Rod Igniter


  • Portable Oxygen/Arc Cutting System

  • Cut Thick Metals, Gouging, Pin Removal, Concrete etc.

  • Navy Damage Control System

  • TACTICAL Torch for Special Forces

  • FIREFLY - Cutting & Welding Monitor/Control & Safety Switch

  • Auto Darkening Underwater Cutting/Welding Lens

  • ADVANCED MARINE Cutting & Welding Umbilicals

Firefly WHITE BG.jpg
  • BIBS

  • Reclaim System

  • Sat System Ancillary Equipment

  • Reclaim Hat Sales & Servicing

  • Drill, Chainsaw, Circular Saw, Grinder, Impact Wrench, Peanut Grinder, etc.

  • ADVANCE MARINE Custom Offshore Hydraulic Power Packs

  • ADVANCED MARINE Hydraulic Hose Reels & Hydraulic Umbilicals

  • ADVANCED MARINE Power Sheave

  • Hydraulic Underwater Drilling System with Magnetic Base

  • Annular Broach Cutters 12mm to 60mm Diameter

  • Biodegradable O2 Cleaning Fluid for Metal Products

  • Oxyclean O2 Cleaner for Hoses, Synthetic Products & Painted Surfaces

  • Flushing Machine available for Rental

  • Portable & Stationary Breathing Air Systems for Diving, Drilling Rigs, Military, Industrial & Marine BA Sets

  • Aircooled 3.5 to 30 CFM/100 to 860 L/min

  • Watercooled 35 to 144 CFM/1000 to 4100 L/min

  • Pressure to 6,000 psi/414 Bar

  • Fitted with MDE Filter Sets

  • Helium Compressors & Boosters

  • Advanced Marine Custom Built Systems, with FULL IMCA Documentation

30 C.F.M. with Offshore Frame

  • Air & Helium Unscrambler Radio for Divers & Diving Systems

  • AMRON 350m Dump BIBS

  • Chamber Accessories

  • Chamber Lights

  • Water Fire Extinguisher for Air Diving Chamber

  • Therapeutic Oxygen Hoods

  • AM Carries a large inventory of Divers & Bell Excursion Umbilicals

  • Subsea Cables

  • Hose end fittings, including installation & pressure testing & oxygen use cleaning

  • Connectors & Moulding

  • Hotwater Suits

  • Hotwater Gloves, Boots

  • Thermalskin, Thermalux

  • Drysuits

  • AM Denim Coveralls / Hotwater Coveralls

  • AM Divers Harness & Vests

  • Diver / Bell Data Management System

  • Depth, Dive Profile

  • Decompression Schedule

  • Largest Range of Underwater & Harsh environment electrical connectors

  • Epoxy, Stainless Steel & Rubber Moulded Types

  • 1/4% Accuracy, pressures up to 20,000 psi, high precision & rugged, 6 year warranty on the Accu-Drive™ Pressure Gauges

  • Digital & Hand Pump Calibrators

  • Vacuum, Compound, F.S.W. & Caisson

  • Your own custom/company logo

  • Designs & Manufactures PVHO Viewports to ASME Standards

  • Over 1,200 Viewports manufactured as of year 2014

  • Intersorb 408 & 812 CO2 Absorbent : Specially formulated to meet the performance demands of saturation diving, rebreather diving, and submarine activities, enabling Military, Commercial, Scientific, and Recreational Divers to breathe safely on longer deeper dives.

  • Also available : Purafil Chemisorbant Odour Removal

  • Pneumo, Caisson, Mini Caisson Gauges

  • Custom name / logo on Dial

  • Special scales or coloured segment dials made to order available

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Cavidyne Logo.jpg
Caviblaster Logo.jpg

The Safest and Most Efficient Underwater Cleaning System


Cavidyne employs a revolutionary technology known as Ultra-Cavitation for underwater cleaning using much lower pressures than conventional equipment

These systems are significantly more effective, efficient and ergonomic than the traditional ones such as pressure-washers / water blasters, or grit blasters.

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